The   Necessity   of   Believing          


Now that you have heard the "Good News". There is a BIG question you must answer: Are you (Am I) going to believe it or not?

I hope that you do not just take my word (what I have told you on this web site) and believe it, just because I said it. What I hope, and what you should do, is be like the people were in Beria ( Acts 17:11 ). Check it out with the Bible! Then, if you agree, do like they did as recorded in the very next verse ( Acts 17:10-12 ).
BELIEVE IT (accept it as fact).

But I urge you at this time to take the time to think about and consider the things talked about in the previous study #011.

Because you HAVE TO answer this question. The real truth of the matter is this: Until you decide to BELIEVE, accept as being true fact, (whether you realize it or not) what you are saying is that you do not believe it.

Why is this so important? Because it is something that MUST be done ( John 3:16 & Hebrews 11:6 ). We MUST believe that 'He is' (That God & Jesus exist, and are just as alive as you or me (only more so)). And that 'He' is the rewarder of those "that diligently seek him." ( Matthew 7:7-8 & 2 Timothy 2:15 ) = Study = "diligently seek him". In other words, Have faith that He 'will' reward us just like he promised us he would ( 2 Peter 3:9 ).

You see, Believing is NOT 'an option', it is a 'requirement'!

In today's world, and I guess it really has always been this way, people have so many reasons not to believe the Bible, at least in their own mind. But just remember that we may not be able to rationalize all that the Bible teaches in our own mind, for God's ways and thoughts are higher than our own ( Isaiah 55:8-9 ). And unlike science where everything has to be proven with physical evidence. The Bible teaches, "The just shall live by faith" ( Romans 1:16-17 & Hebrews 10:38 ) And not by sight (physical evidence and thoughts) ( 2 Corinthians 5:7 ).

One of the biggest problems science seems to have, is the problem of creation vs. evolution. Here also, we need to "Live by faith." Faith that God said it, therefore it is so!

But read on. The way I resolve this issue (Creation) in my own mind (not saying that this is the way it happened, because I was not there, but saying that if God wanted to, He could have done it this way) is I ask myself, "How can I believe what the scientist tell me about the age of the earth, and what the Bible tells me are both true?" Actually, the answer could be found right there in the Bible. ( Matthew 22:29 ) Many times people may forget that God is ALL powerful and nothing is impossible for Him to do ( Matthew 19:26 ).

So, let me give you my answer in the form of a question.

How old was Adam when God made him? Was he a baby or an adult, with age already built in? Answer = He was a man = An adult. So wouldn't it be just as simple for God, when He created the world, to create it with age (x billion years old) when it was created just like creating Adam as an adult, if He wanted to do it this way? Remember ( Matthew 19:26 ). Of course He could have, if that is what He wanted to do.

But, is this what really happened? I say again, "I don't know." But I do know, that I accept the Bible as God's word. Therefore, I accept it as FACT = TRUTH. And if you are SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH, then it can be found, right here in the Bible.

That is why I am spending so much time showing why you and me should believe in the Bible and the things it teaches, even though those around us may think we should not be wasting our time on such 'foolishness'. ( 1 Corinthians 1:18-29 & 1 Corinthians 3:18-20 )

So, instead of using a lot of valuable space and your valuable time here to convince anyone that may have some doubts about being able to believe the Bible. I offer more explanations on 'SOME' things that maybe standing in the way of you FULLY BELIEVEING the Bible. So if you are one of the ones that already believes the Bible is God's word, then I suggest that you skip on down past these links, because some of them do get pretty involved. But feel free to examine them later on.

The Flood

Sodom & Gomorrah

The Magic Snakes

The 10 Plagues

The Parting of the Red Sea

The Walls of Jericho

Was Jesus THE Christ? or just a lunatic?

Crucifixion of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ

Is God a space alien?

Is our world real?

Now remember, these are just SOME (there are many more, the list just keeps getting larger everyday) of the excuses (reasons) some people come up with not to believe the Bible.

At this point, some would try to have you believe that 'Believing' is all that is necessary for you to do to be saved. But is that really what the New Testament, the Bible, teaches? No, it is not! Remember now, don't take other people's word for it (the truth). Don't be lazy, get your own Bible out and study to see what the 'truth' really is.

I am going to use a quote Jesus repeated several times to the people that were having trouble believing. And I can picture Him repeating it several more time on the day of judgement. I just hope He don't say it to me. And that is, "Have you not read what the scriptures say about...."

So, in answering the question, "Is Believing all that is necessary to be saved?". "Have you not read what the scriptures say about", How faith without works is dead? and that even the devils believe and tremble, but still they are called 'devils'?( James 2:19 ) and ( James 2:14-26 ).

EXAMPLE: One day you decide there is something you need to get from a store in town. You go to town, you go to the store, you go inside the store, and you see the item you need. But you leave the store and return back home without the item. What good did it do you to go to the store?

Maybe the item was not what you expected to find, or maybe someone talked you out of getting it, or maybe it cost to much, or whatever the reason. The end result was the same. You did not get the item you went after. You are still lacking.

So, IF you are searching for the truth, don't quit now. Maybe you are finding the truth is not what you expected it would be, or maybe someone is trying to talk you out of continuing your search, or maybe it cost to much ( requiring more time and effort than you thought it would), or whatever the reason. The end result will be the same. You will still be lacking.( Hebrews 12:1 , Galatians 6:9 & 1 Corinthians 9:24 )


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