GOD   AND   MAN:   in   brief


God created the heaven and the earth ( Genesis 1:1 ).

God created the plants ( Genesis 1:11-12 ).

God created the animals ( Genesis 1:20-25 ).

God created Man ( Genesis 1:27 ).

God planted a garden east of where he created man and then put man in the garden ( Genesis 2:8 ).

God gave man three commandments: one 'DO' commandment= take care of the garden ( Genesis 2:15 ), and two 'DO NOT' commandments= do not eat of nor do not even touch the tree of knowledge of good and evil ( Genesis 3:3 ).

But man disobeyed God, and they died right then just like God said, not a physical death, but a spiritual death ( Genesis 3:8 ).

You see, death is a separation. Most of the time people associate death as physical death where the spirit is separated from our physical body leaving it lifeless. But there is also a spiritual death where we are separated from God. That is what happened when Adam and Eve disobeyed God's commandments. They separated themselves from God. They both died spiritually at that moment and then later on they died physically also ( Genesis 5:5 ).

And man continues to separate himself from God today, by sinning. ( 1 John 3:4 and Romans 5:12 )

So, in order for man to get back into the good graces of God, God himself came up with a 'way' that this can happen. ( And we will discuss that 'way' in a later lesson.)

So at this point, you might ask, "What is the meaning of all of this?"

Wouldn't it be a lot easier if God had just made man without the desire to sin?   Kind of like a robot that only does what it is programmed to do.   Well, yes it would be a lot easier, that way I wouldn't have to be concerned whether I am doing God's will or not. But, that is not the way God wants it, or He would have done it that way. But instead, God made man as a 'free will agent'.   Meaning, this way man can choose how he lives his own life, and God allows him to do this, but at the same time, God will hold man accountable for the choices he makes in living his life ( Revelation 20:12 ).

We need to pause for a moment and ask our self, "What does God really want?"   I am a firm believer that the Bible (God's recorded will) only contains so many words.   That being the case, I believe if anything is repeated more than once, it is of very great importance and I best pay attention to it.   So how important would something be if it was repeated, oh, let's say 35 times or so?   So, what does God really want? I will tell you.   He wants us to be His people and Him to be our God.   Over thirty-five times, that's right, from Exodus 6:7 to Revelation 21:3 .   This phrase is repeated or referred to over 35 times.   So what does God really want?   He wants those who want Him.   That is why he created man as a 'free will agent'.

So, Man being of a sinful nature God Himself came up with a 'way' that man can be redeemed from his sin and remove that barrier (sin) that separates him from God.   In the Old Testament this 'way' involved the blood of animal sacrifices, but in the New Testament (which is what we live under today), God Himself required that the blood of His Son, Jesus the christ, be used ( Hebrews 10:4-10 ).   Why?   Because being separated from God is no little matter!   Through God's own rules, it required the blood of His son.   So, why did God do this?   Well, the answer is found in John 3:16 .   Because He so loved the world (man).

Now, let us stop for just a moment and think about what is taking place here.   God made the world and everything in it, including man.   God loves man, but God wants to see if man loves Him.   So God made man as a 'free will agent', but at the same time holding man responsible for his actions ( Revelation 20:12 ).   So God came up with a 'way' that man can redeem himself through the blood of His son, Jesus, and no longer be separated from God. Ain't that great! It sure is. That is very 'good news'(gospel), that is what the word gospel means, is 'good news'.

So, did God have to do this?   Absolutely NOT!   It was done out of the goodness of God's heart, His grace ( Acts 15:11 and Ephesians 2:8 ). No, God did not have to provide a 'way' for man to be redeemed (saved), if He did not want too. It was just because of His love ( John 3:16 ) and His grace ( Ephesians 2:8 ) that He did this.   Remember God made man.   He made us, so therefore we belong to Him.   We are His and He can do anything to us or for us that He wants to do.   Think about it, If God wanted to, He could have said, "OK, I made man. So after man lives his life I'll throw him in hell and go about my merry way."   You know God could have done this.   He made us, we are His to do with what ever He wants to do.   So, yes, the gospel is good news, good news that God did not decide to do this to us, but instead, provided us a 'way' to come back to Him. Even though we do not deserive it. Because we can never do enough 'to deserive it'( Ephesians 2:8 ). It is impossible for man to be able to work (doing good deeds, etc.) his way into heaven. The ONLY way we can get there is GOD'S WAY.

Therefore I pray and thank God that He is a loving, merciful God. Full of grace to allow me to redeem myself and be with Him in heaven after this life is over.

So, What is this 'way' that God has provided?

We will start looking at that 'way' in lesson Study #010. But first of all I need to ask a very important question in the next lesson.

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