1:   The first rule is that we approach this study with an 'OPEN MIND'. This is so important anytime you study any subject, especially when studying the word of God. For example, in Acts 17:10-12 the Bible tells us the people were more noble in Berea, because they "received the word with all readiness of mind". In other words, they listened with an open mind to what these strangers had to say. Not saying they accepted what was being said, but listened to what was being said. And then they went to the scriptures to check it out for themselves. That is what studying with an 'OPEN MIND' means.

2:   The second rule is that we, you and me, must realize and accept the fact that we, you and me, are human. That no matter what we may have been told, believe, think, wish, desire, hope, etc.   Is that we are NOT the top of the food chain.   We are humans, and as wonderful as that maybe, There are still things that are higher and mightier than us humans.   That is if you believe the Bible. ( see the first two chapters of Hebrews )

3:   The third rule is a logical follower of rule #2.   I realize and accept the fact, and I ask that you to accept as well, the fact that I am not perfect. I make mistakes in my life just like any and all humans ( Romans 3:23 ). As well as mistakes in grammar and spelling. I am not a highly educated person. So I am asking you, Please, do not let this stand in your way of following this study. I will do my best to try to present the material as simple and easy to follow as I can.   I also ask that you bear with me and I will try to correct any mistakes I make. But above all, I ask that you hold ME responsible, as an imperfect human, (and NOT GOD or the message) for my lack of perfection.

That being the case, I do NOT want to present these lessons as a teacher (one who completely knows the material) to a student (one who does not know the material). Instead I want this to be a study ( 2 Timothy 2:15 ) that we, you and me, can go through together as imperfect humans in search for the TRUTH, what ever that TRUTH may be. After all, that IS what this is all about, searching for the TRUTH, isn't it???

4:   That brings us to rule #4.   But I want to stop right here and say that if you happened to have skipped the previous stuff, PLEASE, PLEASE, go back and start reading from the beginning, PLEASE, it will only take a few moments of your time.

OK, RULE # 4:   We must realize that it doesn't matter what you believe, or me either.   I have noticed that in talking with other people, one of the most used statements that you will hear is, "I believe this scripture means .....".   And then you will hear another person, "Well, I believe this scripture means ....."   or it may even be a third or fourth opinion,   including your own. And that is just what they are, 'OPINIONS'.   And they may all be different opinions. (All about the same scripture).   So, each of us will have our own opinion or interpretation of this particular scripture.   Well, that's great, because each of us (you, me, we, us, them, others) are entitled to have our own opinion. And each of us may believe with all our hearts that our opinion or interpretation of this scripture is right.   Well, that's great as well. But we HAVE TO REALIZE that our opinions and/or beliefs or interpretations, don't mean anything ( 2 Peter 1:20 ) also (see rules 1 & 2 ).   We are but mere humans.

We are not the one who wrote the scripture.   The scripture came from GOD,   NOT US !! ( 2 Peter 1:21 {click to see notes about Prophecy } & 2 Timothy 3:16 ) Therefore, it is GOD'S 'opinion' (to use that word again) that is important and NOT ours. Because our definitions/beliefs/interpretations really don't carry much weight. So, what we HAVE TO DO, is STUDY ( 2 Timothy 2:15 ) to do our best to try and find what GOD meant when He authored this (and each) scripture. In other words, (TO SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH).

5:   Rule #5:   ALWAYS, ALWAYS be honest. If we are going to 'search for the truth' then we must be honest! Because truth and dishonesty just don't go together. They are totally incompatible. So we must resolve before hand that we are going to be honest. Honest to ourselves, honest to God, and honest to others. For this study we must be honest to ourselves as we 'search for the truth' in the different subjects. As we study each topic and we come across 'a truth' ( for example, where God says "Do this", "Don't do that", "This is totally unacceptable" ), then we need to ask ourselves, "How does this 'truth' apply to ME?" And here is where the honesty comes in to play. Yes, we have to be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves, "Is this the way I am living my life?", now remember, be honest. We also have to be honest with God. After all, Who do we think we are fooling?? GOD KNOWS!!! ( Genesis 6:5 , 1 Chronicles 28:9 , 1 Chronicles 29:17 , Luke 12:2-3 and Luke 16:15 , are just a few ). And finally, we must be honest with others. If we are not honest with others, how are we going to teach them the 'truth'?

6:   Now that brings us to rule #6:   After our careful study, for us to be truthful to ourselves, we must be willing to make our belief/way of living match what God's Word teaches. If we are already in accordance with God's scripture, then that is great! we have nothing to change, so we can be proud of ourselves because we are following God's Word, (at least on this one topic.) But, if we find that after careful study, that our belief does not match what God is teaching, then WE must change our belief/thinking/way of living, to match God's Word. Most important part of this rule is, "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER TRY TO CHANGE GOD'S WORD TO MATCH WHAT WE BELIEVE, BUT RATHER ALWAYS CHANGE WHAT WE BELIEVE TO MATCH GOD'S WORD!!!!"

There you have it, 6 simple little rules. Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

So, let us begin our study, together. Click on one of the topics to the right. Remember, you do not have to choose them in order, but I would recommend that you do so (at least for the first 10 studies).

Thank You

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